Notre Communauté

Nous sommes une communauté de membres au grand coeur. Nous aimons plus que tout être autour de nos athlètes à tous les jours, les aidant à améliorer leur condition physique et leur santé. Nous utilisons la meilleure recette pour cela: Le CrossFit.

Au début, nous étions simplement une bande d’amis qui s’entraînait ensemble et partageaient leurs connaissances afin de devenir le plus en forme possible. Maintenant, nous sommes une équipe d’entraîneurs avec encore plus d’amis et nous changeons leur vie. Nous partageons nos connaissances ouvertement avec les membres et nous les traitons tous comme une grande famille.

Notre énergie et notre passion se transmettent chez nos athlètes de façon si importante que parfois, nous nous demandons si ce n’est pas

justement nous qui avons inventé le ‘’high-five’’. C’est notre manière de nous saluer, de nous féliciter et même de nous dire au-revoir. Au cours de chacune des séances d’entraînement, nos entraîneurs vous guideront et s’assureront d’adapter le programme à votre condition physique tout en vous permettant de sortir de votre zone de confort.

L’environnement tout autant sécuritaire que motivant et le soutient constant de la part de tous les athlètes feront de chacun de vos entraînements des expériences inoubliables. Nos athlètes ont appris à se dépasser grâce à cette approche. Nous constatons chez nos membres, jour après jour, des résultats incroyables tant au niveau physique que psychologique L’énergie positive rassemble les gens. Le désir de changer la vie des gens en nous entourant de personne uniques et motivées nous a amener à ouvrir notre centre affilié Reebok CrossFit YUL.

Nous aimerions que vous veniez en témoigner par vous-même!


  • Hi, my name is Holly and I have been with the YUL Holly-300x223community since November of 2012. I never considered myself to be a particularly athletic individual, I was never interested in sports but I always wanted to be fit for reasons like anyone else would. While I was a student in University I found myself with a lot of classes in big buildings with a lot of stairs. I was always motivated to take the stairs even if I would be gasping for air every time I did. It was then that I had decided it was time I get in shape. I smoked for close to 10 years of my life and I wanted to change. The idea of CrossFit interested me from the beginning. I knew that I couldn’t go to a traditional gym, I had tried on several occasions and I was always left paying a membership at a gym I never ended up going to. The idea of going somewhere where the workouts were all structured for you was appealing, and the fact that you trained alongside others was a definite bonus. I signed up to YUL because it was conveniently close to my work. The community was so friendly, welcoming, and I can still remember how much of a challenge my first work out was. It was instantaneous, I knew I had to become a part of this community. It didn’t take long to FALL in love with YUL, I have never met so many kind people. The coaches at YUL are a strong team that are dedicated to seeing you succeed. They are always around pushing and motivating you. They are attentive towards your goals that you set for yourself and don’t take ANY excuses. I consider myself a very lucky person to have found them. My life has changed in so many ways since I began my journey with YUL and I am so proud of my accomplishments. I began back in 2012 weighing about 130 lbs with no prior experience with weight lifting before. From zero to hero I now weigh 155lbs and I am proud. Going to YUL is the ONE thing I do for myself where no one is calling or emailing me. I feel good about myself and I enjoy spending time with people who share my constant goal towards healthy living. Being a part of Reebok CrossFit YUL is not only about working out or eating well, it`s also about being part of a family that provides you with unconditional support. I chose YUL to be my home and I will always chose you. Thank you for being my reason for pushing so hard and making sure I always end up succeeding. Love you guys like family xox

  • I started my journey at 260 lbs (top left pic) of laziness! I started the gym (regular chest-bras)Elan-300x300 and did my fair share of cardio along with watching what I ate. I lost 65lbs (top right pic). As I look back now I was too skinny and looked like a cocaine addict. I started eating more and working out less as I was bored of routine! Walked into the gym and didn’t know what to do more than half the time. Right before getting married (bottom left pic) I was fortunate enough to receive a call from a friend to tell me that the owner of his CrossFit gym and his fiancée were coming into Jukebox that Friday night and I should introduce myself. After a nice long chat, Mike and M’liss convinced me to come try the gym on my next day off. That Tuesday I went in during the afternoon and was in a class of 8ppl. It was a team of 4 WOD. Rowing, KB swings, T2B, and burpees over box. I barely made it down the stairs on my way out. Mike made me promise I would come back the next day. I did. Fell in love with CrossFit immediately.  However I was walking funny for a week. Went back the following Tuesday and never looked back. I now feel healthier and stronger than ever (bottom right pic). All you have to do is out your mind to something and know that you want it, results will follow! Thanx Yul!!! Elan Azran

  • Whether you want to take your training to the next level or are completely new at training, this is the place to be! The support, the energy, the love at this box is incredible. Coaches that truly care and push you when you think you can push no more! More than just a gym, it’s a community, it’s another family you never knew you had! When you’re away you miss it and if you’re away for too long, watch out, they’ll come looking for you! Kind regards, Lisa Anne Tibbles